The Northern Script screenwriting contest 2018 winners

Northern Script is a new Nordic contest for screenwriting enthusiasts of 18 to 25 years. The aim of the contest is to look for new, promising scripts and writers. In the Final workshops in Oulu participated 5 writers from Sweden and Finland. The finalist for Norther Script 2018 where Isak Dizdarevic from Sweden, Juuso Kuusisto, Laura Mannila, Sanni Rättö and Jutta Nummela from Finland and Julie Kristine Woie from Norway who was unable to come to Oulu.

As a result the jury chose the script called Race of Life by Juuso Kuusisto. Honor nomination were given for script Amman by Isak Dizdarevic.

The members of the Northern Script jury 2019 where Artistic director of Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival Anna Asplund and Lisa Elofson from BUFF Malmö.