Metka Centre for Media Education

Metka is the lively hub of cutting edge media literacy and education in Finland.

Media and information literacy are critical skills in today’s society. In the 1950s people in Finland felt educators and parents need support when the children are facing new media. Today Metka leads the way of how to enjoy and make use of all various media, including the newest ones: social, educational or virtual. Thousands of teachers, library staff, youth workers and other adults concerned with media skills of young people and children benefit each year from Metka’s work on practical level.

Media artists and educators interact directly with the children and youth in schools, kindergartens, libraries, cultural and other Metka events. Metka produces teaching handbooks and interactive, hands-on workshop guides. Metka is an independent NGO, funded mainly by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education.

Roots in early film and television education

Metka has its roots in early film and television education for and works closely together with its member organisations in the field of Children and Family policy, such as the Mannerheim League of Child Rights (MLL). Recently also researchers of Media Education founded a scientific society focusing on academic publicity of the field. Together with the society, governmental bodies and Metka’s trusted partners effective advocacy work the awareness of media skills has strenghtened in Finland. Metka organises now workshops also made for adults, especially the elderly.

Throughout the decades Metka has always been a strong contributor to the Finnish Film industry by organising two annual events in the field: 1) My Film (Minun Elokuvani) screening of short films made by young enthusiasts combined with encouraging talks with the peak professionals of the industry 2) Northern Script Nordic screenwriting contest for young artists and writers from the Nordic countries, ending in masterclass workshops for selected screenwriters from each country.

Our Strategic mission is to be a trusted guide of media skills, information literacy and digital education in practice – both nationally and internationally.

Our Values

  • Actively provide a broad range of high quality practices, education and training for adults working with children and youth
  • Long term commitment for organising safe and inspiring forums connecting the professionals and the youth in media production
  • Be one step ahead of the commercial or other hidden agendas in the media
  • Strengthen young peoples media skills, provide them joy and confidence both in producing and interpreting media in all its forms

Our Partners include other NGOs, academia, governmental bodies and private ventures.

International Setting

The Finnish and Nordic Media Education rely on the media management skills, critical thinking abilities and active participation of the children and youth. Upon this approach different national variations can be built. Metka always tailors its trainings and workshops carefully with its partners according to the needs and goals of the target group.

In Finland digitalisation is supported with a strong and reliable information infrastructure. This is why online material or solutions are featured in Metka’s teaching materials. Still, a lot of media education work is made with paper and pen, with imagination, sounds or physical presentations. Technical tools and educational technology are becoming more immersive in the everyday life and the classrooms of the children and youth. That is why Metka will always be one step ahead of the commercial tech and media.

Metka reveals the ecosystems of the new media tools and content. In this way young people will manage their precense in the media landscape and be able to demand for high quality content and technical solutions. They will restore a trusting, curious, inclusive but critical mindset no matter what the media. This is the Metka way to build our future media. Provide the tools for future professionals and community builders. This is how we make the kids win.