Northern Script participants reflecting on their own craft

The masterclasses in our Northern Script scriptwriting program have been a great success this year! We have already had a masterclass held by Finnish screenwriter Anna Heinämaa and another masterclass by Danish scriptwriter-director Andrias Høgenni. We invited all young writers from across the Nordic countries to participate and asked for their own reflections based on what they had learned.

Reflections on Anna Heinämaa’s masterclass held on 30 May 2024

(We asked ChatGPT 3.5 to create a synthesis of the participants’ thoughts of Anna’s masterclass in writing. Here is what AI summarised:)

The masterclass began with Anna sharing her personal journey and later delved into the structure of storytelling and the role of rules in creative writing. Participants appreciated the human connection established through personal stories and found comfort in understanding how rules can be innate and guide creative expression. They emphasized the importance of creative discussions in shaping one’s artistic character and future work.

All the participants were motivated by Anna Heinämaa’s journey into scriptwriting later in life, emphasizing the importance of pursuing their own artistic ambitions. Despite discussing challenges in the movie industry, participants found inspiration in honing their writing skills through constant editing and seeking feedback from others.

Participants appreciated Anna’s direct feedback and honesty about the realities of success and struggles in the arts, particularly in the current state of cinema. They valued the detailed examination of screenwriting and the importance of clarity, simplicity, and engaging storytelling. Many felt a renewed focus on streamlining their work and making it more reader-friendly in future projects.
Some participants felt the balance between personal anecdotes and technical discussions could be improved to keep the focus on the learning aspects. They found value in the mix of personal experiences and structural insights, reinforcing previous lessons learned while providing depth to their understanding of the industry.

Overall, participants found the masterclass inspiring and reflective, highlighting the importance of finding one’s creative flow and building upon core skills. Suggestions for improvement included consolidating questions at the end or utilizing visual aids for better engagement. Despite its brevity, the masterclass left attendees with fresh perspectives and a deeper understanding of their creative processes.

Anna Heinämaa

After Andrias Högenni’s masterclass, the participants were given freer hands to reflect on what they had learned and here are some of the pieces the participants made!