Northern Script 2024

On this page you’ll find everything about the Northern Script 2024.


Cynthia Nielsen, 20, Denmark

Script name: BUSINESS MAMA

Agnes Koskinen, 23, Sweden

Script name: Vad väntar vi på?

Aleksi Lindholm, 25, Finland

Script name: The Theft

Veronica Veddy, 27, Denmark 

Script name: The operation

Kjetil Heimdall, 25, Norway

Script name: The Lost Boys

Brage Grindeland, 25, Norway

Script name: The Lost Boys

Antti-Eemeli Lahtinen, 27, Finland

Script name: Our Dinner with Guys

Noora Jalokinos, 28, Finland

Script name: Trash

Henry Gylling, 28, Finland

Script name: Sleep Long Summer

Other workshop participants


Northern Script camp 2024