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Metka EdTech Hackathon 2017

Mondayna 23. Januaryta 2017


The challenges are out!

TRACK: Learning and analytics

Ministry of Education and Culture: How to improve the the national single sign on concept MPASSid so that it will be accessible for everyone, from children to special groups even in the future?

FunAcademy: Use our Builder tool to create a learning game for kids 6 and under with an astronaut training theme. Choose any topic that would be appropriate for a 6 and under kid to learn.

Claned: Engaging teachers in a Customer to Customer marketplace. What happens to all that knowledge that is crafted and curated and proven? Tales of Games – Can you hack the game building path on seppo-platform?

TRACK: AR/VR in the classroom

Arilyn: Arilyn challenges in phenomenon-based learning. How to support teachers in producing & sharing the content?
VE-Top: How can we use tracking in virtual reality to improve students/professionals to make suggestions that can improve skills and report progress back to help teachers/trainers? ARe You In the Game? Make seppo games fly with AR.

Thinglink in education challenge To be confirmed.

(varies depending on the challenge, e.g. if the challenge does not include business / pricing ecosystem, pricing is not judged)

1. general, concept-level function with demonstrations of interaction (does not need to cover all buttons / error messages)

2. UX especially for children & improvement of the daily classroom curriculum for educators

3. scalable, fit to ecosystem

4. innovativeness and achievement – justification why this solution is the best

1. quality of game theory & pedagogy
2. universal measuring of learning in each subject
3. pricing discovery


We hack the classroom to next level

Metka EdTechHackathon 2017 connects educators to Ed Tech in classroom. (UPDATED March22 2017) 

Venue in xEdu, Helsinki. Program:
Fri 31.3.
16.00 welcome and doors open
18.00 partners pitch challenges & snacks served
19.00 hack on and mentoring
22.00 end of day one

Sat 1.4.
9-11.00 breakfast
9.30 common kick-off for day 2
12.00 1. pitch
13.00 mentoring
14.00 lunch
15.00 keynote: digi and VR in the classroom
18.00 2. pitch
19.00 mentoring
21.00 pizza & beer

su 2.4.
9-12 brunch and mentoring
12.00 Final pitches
13.00 launch of Metka learning material ‘Mediametkaa 8 – Meidän mainokset’ on Claned learning environment
14.00 Prizes and nominations
14.30 on to next hackathons or Helsinki Think Company Edu Bootcamp

How to apply:

Step 1. Apply for EdTech Hackathon, no participation fee. 100 tickets. Do it today!

Step 2. Challenges out March 24, application close March 29.

Step 3. March 31- April 2: Hack in to the max

Step 4. April: Go home, live and repeat in 2018

Contact Metka EdTechHack & subscribe our weekly newsletter:

Educator: Share your challenges with Ed Tech in your class

EdTech: Open your software and prepare for the future

Hacker: Hack the real life classroom challenges

Advisor: Join the top EdTech providers and users

More info in Finnish:

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